When your gynaecologist or obstetrician terms your pregnancy as ‘high risk’ it denotes that additional care is essential to ensure a successful, healthy pregnancy and consequent delivery. There are several conditions and factors that can cumulate to, or be singularly responsible for a high-risk pregnancy. For some women, the pregnancy can be pretty much normal at the start but turn into a high-risk pregnancy as she progresses into the second or third trimester. Once your pregnancy is categorized as high risk, problems can persist with your baby/you during the pregnancy, during the birth process or at times even post-delivery. The severity of the problem also varies from one individual and could be life-threatening in some instances. Constant care and consultations with your doctor, rigid adherence to diet and medicines prescribed are essential to minimize the risk. More importantly, you will need to keep your emotional balance and to have family elders to be with you throughout the pregnancy and postnatal days can be a great idea for the emotional support that you will need.

There are measures to avoid a high-risk pregnancy

When your pregnancy is categorized as high-risk pregnancy, post-conception, your only option is to accept medical advice and make appropriate decisions. But, there are many ways that you can avoid a high-risk pregnancy when you are aware of some of the factors that contribute to high-risk pregnancy and can take precautions to stay safe.

Understanding the causes

Problems with the first or an earlier pregnancy

An earlier pre-term delivery
Pre-existing health conditions
Family history of problems with pregnancy
Blood disorders
Kidney ailments like preeclampsia
High blood pressure
Your age
Obesity in pregnancy 
Thyroid problems

Environmental triggers

pregnant women stomachApart from the health-related issues listed above, environmental triggers can also impact the potential for a high-risk pregnancy. Lifestyle habits like excessive alcohol consumption, smoking and use of drugs, substance abuse are among factors that can enhance the risk of high-risk pregnancy. Alcohol, in particular, will expose the unborn baby to several risks and some of them could even be fatal. Similarly, smoking can impact the birth weight of the child. Therefore, you are better off staying away from these habits all through your pregnancy and postnatal days. Consulting your doctor for measures to help you off these vices is one measure that you should take to avoid chances of a high-risk pregnancy. Notice also that some of these problems can potentially occur even when you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Avoiding high-risk pregnancy

The best means of avoiding high-risk pregnancy is consulting your gynaecologist/obstetrician before you plan a pregnancy. This way, your doctor will be able to study all the attributes that contribute to a healthy pregnancy and address potential problems before you decide on the pregnancy. During the first few weeks of your pregnancy too, if your doctor has definite clues pointing to a high-risk pregnancy, you will have the option of deciding whether to carry on with the pregnancy or not. Do remember that many of the issues impacting a healthy pregnancy can be medically addressed and you can be the proud mother of a healthy baby in due course of time.
In most situations, it is also important that you have the necessary support from your partner and the elders in the family to help you with the decision. Your doctor can speak to your partner and explain potential risk factors to him so that he can fully appreciate the situation and communicate appropriately with the other members of the family.

Complex process of bringing a new life into this world

pregnant belly of girl

As a woman, you are already aware of the complex process of getting pregnant, experiencing all those wonderful changes that is happening inside your body, the physical discomfort that you even enjoy at times, monitoring the growth of your baby with your doctor at every stage and celebrate that day when you bring that new life into this world! If you have never put thought to this wonderful design of the creator, it is perhaps time that you devote some quality time understanding the whole process.
The creator’s design has little or no flaws in it. But, we humans pay inadequate attention and respect to this complex biological and engineering feat and tend to cause serious damage to this delicate design through several conscious acts. But, once you have decided to become pregnant it is essential that you have a more sober disposition towards all the rules governing your entire reproductive system – albeit for your own good and the good of your baby. Agreed that some of these rules are somewhat difficult to follow, but then, you are now responsible for two lives, your own and that of your child!

What you drink or eat impacts your pregnancy

Smoothie fruit vegetable salad Most of the rules set forth for pregnant woman directly impact the entire process across the nine months of your pregnancy and following them in letter and spirit will be to the advantage of your baby and your own well-being. When you look at them more like a sage advice than rules, it gets a lot easier to follow them. For instance, the Placenta represents a tissue sending the much-needed nutrients and oxygen to your baby. If you are a smoker and cannot give up smoking during pregnancy, you are sending a significant amount of poisonous substance through the placenta to the foetus, and the consequences have already been explained.
Pregnancy and childbirth are the unique experiences you will ever have in your life. You are the only one who can take care to ensure that you and your baby are healthy.